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Friday, 26 May 2017

Math Test - Wed. May 31st

We will be having a Math Test this Wed. May 31st on Addition and Subtraction.  A Math Package was sent home in the agenda today.  It includes a note about the test, an explanation of the various adding and subtracting math strategies we have been focusing on class, a practice test for your child to complete at home, and a sample test with answers and marks filled in so you can see how I will be marking the test.

Talent Show

Our Talent Show will take place on the last day of school (Thurs. Jun. 29th).  Talent Show practices have begun and run on Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 at first recess in the gym.  Our Talent Show is organized by Ms. Stewart, Mrs. Opt'Hoog and Mrs. McIntyre.  

Talent Show auditions will take place at some point the week before the Talent Show (more specific details to come).  

If your child has a special talent he/she would like to showcase in either a solo performance or a group performance (e.g., dance, playing an instrument, magic, singing... etc), he or she is welcome to practice at school during the available practice times and/or practice at home.  Our Talent Show is student driven, meaning students make their own groups, come up with their own performance (e.g., choreography etc), bring in any music/equipment they need, etc.  The teachers do not plan the performances.  The Talent Show is completely optional. No one is required to try-out.

About 25 acts will be selected during the try-outs to perform on the last day.  I have explained to students that not every act will be chosen and not everyone is guaranteed a spot in the Talent Show.  Some groups/individuals may be told that they need to keep developing/practicing/polishing their performance and should try-out again next year. 

Students may perform in one group act and one solo act if they wish, but not multiple group acts.

If you have any questions about our Talent Show, please don't hesitate to write me a note in the agenda.

Baby Chicks!

Beach Day!

Neon / Bright Colour Day

Three Little Pigs Play (Mrs. Rocque - Drama)